High White-ness Aluminum Hydroxide(H-WF-25)

used in the solid surface

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Aluminum Hydroxide
CAS NO.21645-51-2

General Properties

Molecular weight78Mohs hardness3
Density   g/cm32.4Ratio of refraction1.58

physical and Chemical Properties
                                     Model  ItemH-WF-25
Chemical constituenAl(OH)3    [%]99.849
SiO2       [%]0.018
Fe2O3      [%]0.008
Na2O       [%]0.125
Attached water  [%]0.082
+60 mesh  [%]0.00
+325 mesh  [%]46.96
oil absorption17
Mean particle diameter(D50)µm21.5
Whiteness               [R457]95.9
PH  value9.17
Notes:In this specification,the mean particle size can also be produced according to customer'srequirements
●Plastics and board fireproofing         
●Coating, adhesives and electronic sealing material
●insulating compound, conveyer belt
●Artificial stone and BMC and SMC
●Compound paper or plastic packaging
●Net weight: 25kg/bag, or40 kg/bag or jumbo bag

High-quality Chinese manufacturers sell the lowest price high white filler aluminum hydroxide powder for BMC

This product has high whiteness and low oil absorption, enjoying the reputation of "Chinese White". It has stable performance at room temperature. It is decomposed and dehydrated by heating to produce alumina, which makes the product flame-retardant and self-extinguishing. It does not produce toxic and corrosive gas when it is decomposed by heat. The composite material industry such as epoxy resin potting compound has a wide range of applications.

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