High White-ness Aluminum Hydroxide(H-WF-10)

used in the solid surface,mould plastics,epoxy potting compound and other composite materials,high quality,factory price

High White-ness Aluminum Hydroxide(H-WF-10)

High White-ness Aluminum Hydroxide(H-WF-10)(图1)

High-quality Chinese manufacturers sell the lowest price high white filler aluminum hydroxide powder for BMC

This product has high whiteness and low oil absorption, enjoying the reputation of "Chinese White". It has stable performance at room temperature. It is decomposed and dehydrated by heating to produce alumina, which makes the product flame-retardant and self-extinguishing. It does not produce toxic and corrosive gas when it is decomposed by heat. The composite material industry such as epoxy resin potting compound has a wide range of applications.

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